Year: 2013

Natural Healing: Part 2

Recover faster and be ready for more. By Bruno Fernandes As already said in my previous post , any exercise is a stress to your body. Your organism has to deal with some degree with inflammation after your daily training routine. Stress and inflammation go hand-in-hand, and the balance is critical. Not enough stress and […]

Natural Healing: Part 1

boost to your immune system. By Bruno Fernandes. Any exercise is a stress on your body. And to some extent, stress is a good thing. We respond to it by growing stronger. However, a strenuous physical activity lead to a temporary impairment of your natural defenses. So if you are training hard often, a little […]

Competititon inside and outside the school

How the will to win can improve the way you train By Bruno F. Fernandes I’ve heard before that creating a competitive atmosphere inside a school is counter-productive. The reason is that you can’t learn new moves if you are constantly trying to outperform your training partner. Even though I respect this point of view, […]