London Ontario


Gracie Barra London is located at 1163 Highbury Ave. N. in London,Ontario.  We offer 2500 ft2 of prime training space on 2 inch tatami mats.  In addition to this, we have 1100 ft2 of mat space in the basement that is available for members who wish to extra drill or conditioning.  Available conditioning equipment includes, chin-up bars, climbing rope, throwing dummy, kettle bells, battle ropes, stability balls, agility ladders, training hurdles, etc. Other facilities include member changerooms, water fountains, member washrooms and a member shower.  All training surfaces are disinfected regularly using a hospital grade cleaner that will kill all fungi, viruses, and bacteria.


Headed to Worlds
The Londoner – 2017

Headed to the World Championships
London Free Press – 2015

Historic Day for Fetah Belkalem
The Londoner – 2011


Gracie Barra London is home to London’s premiere Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Team.  We are the only team in London to send competitors to the IBJJF World Championships on a regular basis.  Making the competition experience a safe and fulfilling one is of the utmost importance to Gracie Barra London.  We provide specialized training programs for all levels and all ages.

The Gracie Barra London Competition Team competes at IBJJF sanctioned events on the regional, national, and international levels and has produced numerous medallists and champions in both weight class and absolute divisions.  If you are an aspiring competitor, Gracie Barra London will provide you the top-level training  needed to succeed.